Rudy Fisher

Horsham Soccer Association was founded in 1978 by Wolfgang Rudolph (Rudy) Fischer. Rudy foresaw the population explosion about to occur in Horsham and wanted to provide a soccer environment for those players aspiring to a higher level of play, as well as for intramural players. Rudy conscripted - we hear you didn't need to volunteer with Rudy - several soccer moms and dads and founded the Horsham Soccer Association in 1978. The Club originally played on a field along Route 611 across from where Bazaar Beverage now stands. At some point, the Club moved to fields behind the Township Building along Horsham Road, and eventually moved to the new Kohler Park fields donated and built by Werner Fricker (see below)Article contributed by Jason Vogel. Jason was of the original 37 Horsham Soccer players, and now runs Dynamic Soccer Training at Horsham Athletic Club. Jason started playing at age 4 for Hatboro-Horsham Soccer, and later was one of the original players to move to the new Horsham Soccer Association. Jason played on the Helsinki Cub team, and was later selected as an Olympic Development player. He was part of the Suburban One Championship team at HHHS in 1990 and was named a PA All-State Selection. He later traveled to Europe to play several times.