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Sign Up Now to earn Volunteer Credit and get your $30 Refund!

There is a specific "Sign Up Genius" in place now for each of the 3 volunteer duties available in Spring to get your volunteer credit.  You only need to complete any 1 of the available 3 options to get credit.  In order to get your $30 refund, you must sign up on the Sign-up Genius and then complete the assigned duties. The available spots posted now are for Spring Soccer.  Fall opportunities will be posted in August.  Spring or fall volunteering will count towards satisfying the requirement. 


  • All coaches automatically satisfy the requirements; no additional volunteering is required for credit. 
  • Children may not volunteer to satisfy the household requirements.                        

Here the are links to use when signing up:

Sign up for field lining and preparation

Sign up for parking lot marshall

Sign up for snack stand cashier



Summer Soccer Camp - Coever United

Horsham Soccer is proud to host Coerver Untied for a Ball Mastery Camp at our Kohler Fields from June 25-June 29 at 6:00 to 8:30 pm each night.  The camp will be broken into two age groups.

7-10 Age Group

The 7-10 age group will focus on individual skill in all areas of the game with emphasis
on Ball Mastery and beginning Move Sets. To develop confidence, players are given
time to gain competence in new skills before defensive pressure is added. When a level
of competence has been established, small sided games which encourage the use of
new skills are played.

10-14 Age Group
The 10-14 age group will focus on more complicated moves and swiftly puts players into
competitive games with an emphasis on 1v1 and 2v2 play in the morning. Small group
tactics are also taught and small sided games are played featuring fast break attack and
counter attack. The importance of fast transition play is stressed and players are
encouraged to play creatively and freely and to use their new skills in games. Players
are also put in many situations which require decision making as that is a key ingredient
to advanced play. Players are also taught the difference between a good first touch and
the right first touch with emphasis on receiving the ball skillfully but also tactically away
from pressure and quickly into the attack.

Coerver Camp Registration



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