U18 Intramurals


The Under 18 (U18) Age Group is for players who are 15 ,16, 17, or 18 years old as of 12/31 of the current year.


Registration fees cover full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks), insurance, and team photo. For more information on registration please see the registration link above.

Game and Schedule Information

Joint Intramural League game and schedule info: JIL Home


Teams are formed in July. Parents/Players should be hearing from coaches or can check the web site at that time. Practices are held 2 nights a week in August. Season starts in September. U15 Age Group will practice 1 night during the week once the season/school starts. Horsham and other local clubs usually do not have enough players in age groups U15 and above to have a complete intramural season, so we have joined together to create the Joint Intramural League. Horsham teams will play intramural teams from other participating clubs during the season. Games may be held at Horsham locations (Kohler Park, Lakeside, Cedar Hill) or may require travel to the other club’s fields. Games may be held on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday. Teams may occasionally play 2 games in one weekend.While the Joint Intramural League may involve travel to other clubs, it is still considered an intramural league - not a travel league. Scores and standings are not kept.

Full-Sided Games

Horsham Soccer U18 plays full sided soccer 11 v 11 with goaltender. Games are typically played on a smaller than regulation field but this size will vary. All FIFA rules apply except per below.These games will usually be officiated by licensed referees. Coaches are encouraged to teach their team players and parents to show respect for the officials and the opposing team at all times.

U15 Game Rules

  • U18 uses a Size 5 Ball
  • Games are 40 minute halves
  • All players must play at least half the game
  • Do not keep score
  • FIFA Laws of the Game apply except for unlimited substitutions or additional rules per the Joint IM League
  • Players should play in all positions through the season (rotating positions)
  • Coaches must remain on the Sidelines and at midfield only

General Rules

  • All Players are required to wear shin guards and soccer shoes
  • Mouthguards are not required but are recommended for all players
  • Cups are not required but are recommended for all boys
  • Sports glasses are not required but are recommended for all players using eye glasses
  • Players are not permitted to play if they are wearing casts or splints of any kind
  • Heading is not to be taught, practiced,or encouraged at age groups U10 or below. Heading should only be taught at the older age groups by licensed coaches. This is an area where these is a lot of controversy so please be very careful
  • No Jewelry or Earrings - even for newly pierced ears (this is a FIFA rule designed to prevent injuries)
  • No Slide Tackling
  • All Players must play a minimum of 1/2 of each game including parts of each half or quarter
  • Teams and coaches are to line up and shake hands at mid-field following each game
  • Parents/coaches - please provide a good example to the children by showing respect to the opposing team, the opposing coaches, and the referee.
In cases where teams are short on players/substitutes:
  • Both teams should play with the number of players agreed upon by both coaches prior to the game. If one team has has only 7 players for an 8v8 game then the teams can play 7v7.
  • One team can loan players to the other to make the teams more even
  • Goal is to allow kids to play. Be creative.
In case of hot weather and/or when teams are short handed:
  • Teams can play quarters instead of halves or take extra water breaks during the game to give players a rest and prevent dehydration. The players’ safety is priority number 1.
  • Click Here for more info on how to prevent Heat Illness

Coaching Requirements

Coaching at the U18 level does not require experience but does require the ability to work well with young adults. We strongly encourage participation in EPYSA’s E or D Level State Licensing coaching course for the U18 level prior to coaching a team. HSA will offer E & D License Courses depending on interest. EPYSA will usually offer multiple E & D courses at clubs in the area throughout the year. The schedule for these courses is usually shown in the Coaching Education page. Please contact the age group coordinator (above) if you are interested in being a coach.

Select Team

Horsham Soccer participates in sending a select team of a players from this age group to a Select Intramuaral tournament in November.