Willing to preform duties such as assisting with parking control and maintenance.


If you would like to be a volunteer or have any questions please email president@horshamsoccer.com

Intramural Referee

Adults and children 14 and older can serve as referees. While we prefer Licensed Referees when possible, we do offer a training orientation in August for those interested in becoming a referee. This is a paid job. IM (Intramural) referee would consult the referee coordinators with any issues.

Snack Stand Buyer

Oversees the operation of the snack stand. 

Colleen Reilly Tournament

All families of travel players are expected to volunteer for the Colleen Reilly Tournament. However, since the tournament has grown, we are looking for people willing to help prior and during the tournament. Responsibilities can vary.

Intramural Age Group Coordinator

IM (Intramural) coordinator acts as a liaison between the coaches and the athletic director. Responsibilities include passing along information regarding such items as game and practice schedules, make-up dates, pictures, any issues, etc. Ideal person is able to email coaches in a timely manner. The IM coordinator does not have to have a child in any particular age group. Time varies based on activity. Depending on the circumstance, the IM age group coordinator would contact the athletic director or head of grievances if any issues arose.

Team Manager

The team manager creates/distributes the team snack schedule, serves as the communications person for the parents (using email/phone) to inform them of game schedule, practices, changes in schedule, and messages from the coach. Ideal person is organized and able to attend most of the games.

Field Maintenance

Volunteers help by weekly painting the boundary lines on a field using a walk behind liner, by setting up and taking down the goals and flags before the first game and after the last game. Ideal candidates have transportation and can line satellite sites such as Carpenter and Cedar Hill parks. Field lining is ideally done between Thursday afternoon and either Friday night or Saturday morning. Field maintenance typically takes less than 1 hour per week. Note: teams will be assigned maintenance responsibilities; however there's the need for additional help in setting up the fields, tournaments and special events.

Snack Stand Supervisor- Snack Stand Assistant

Snack stand supervisor/assistant works the snack stand. The snack stand hours vary but is open during most games and some practices. Volunteer would work a 1-hour shift. Responsibilities include selling of beverages, candy, snacks and pretzels. Volunteer should be able to operate a microwave, coffee maker and hotdog roller (instructions will be posted). This person should be very clean and honest as they are handling money on behalf of Horsham Soccer Association. First shifts are expected to help set up and last shifts are expected to clean any equipment that was used during the day. Snack Stand Supervisor/assistant should contact the snack stand buyer or board member in case of any issues.

Coach - Assistant

The assistant coach supports the head coach at practices and games throughout the season and fills in for the coach as needed. The coach may request additional general assistance from other parents on the team as needed throughout the season. Assistant coaches must pass a background check and complete a 30-minute concussion awareness video. Depending on the age group an assistant coach should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week during the season.


Our head coaches lead their teams in practices, drills and games to teach the basics of soccer and enjoyment of the exciting game.  They support positive coaching values, provide the opportunity for skill improvement for kids of varied abilities, and encourage good sportsmanship, FUN and a love of the game. Most volunteer coaches are parents of a child on the team. Some knowledge of soccer or previous coaching experience is desirable. Horsham Soccer provides an orientation, coaching clinics, coaching materials, support and advice. Coaches must pass a background check and complete a 30-minute concussion awareness video. Depending on the age group, a coach should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week during the season. Coaches would consult the IM (Intramural) age group coordinator with any issues.