Emergency Operations Plan

Colleen Reilly Soccer Tournament Site Director and Field Marshal Emergency Operations Plan



Should you require emergency medical or police service please dial 911 from your cell phone which will connect you to a Montgomery County Dispatcher.  Please be prepared with the following information:


  1. Your exact location including field number if relevant.
  2. The nature of the injury or service needed.
  3. Inform the dispatcher you are part of the soccer tournament in Horsham.
  4. Contact me via cell or radio after hanging up from 911.


For all other issues and non-emergency calls please contact me via cell at (215) 378-1817 or via the radio.  My radio designation is 39-51.  I will be in radio contact with both the police department and EMS units and can call for whatever help is needed.


If you are a site director or field marshal you should have a two way radio.  We will make all weather related announcements over this radio.  Please check to insure your radio is set on the repeater channel.  If you are operating in Kohler Park, set your radio to channel 1.  Call me at 215-378-1817 with questions.


In the event of a weather delay all players and spectators must leave the field and seek appropriate shelter.  There will be a minimum of a 20 minute delay in the event of lightening.  Sound your air horn 3 times to indicate a weather delay.  Sound your horn once to indicate the all clear.


Should you have any player or spectator conduct issues call me immediately on my cell or via the radio.  Do not get directly involved.  We will handle the situation as appropriate.


Please contact me with any question at 215-378-1817.


Gary Bissig

Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator

Horsham Township