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Colleen Reilly is the daughter of Pat and Marge Reilly. She was not a soccer player, but was a great fan. Her brothers and sister played for Horsham Soccer and her father was a Horsham coach and past president of the club. Colleen attended many of the games to root for her family and for the Horsham teams regardless if she knew anyone on the team.

Colleen was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1988 while at college. She underwent treatment and valiantly fought the disease for about a year but ultimately lost her battle.

That same year Mr. George Mood and Mrs. Kathy Bott were co-chairpersons for the Horsham Girls Tournament and renamed the tournament in honor of Colleen and the continued participation of her family in the Horsham program.

Many members of the Reilly family continue in the Horsham and Hatboro-Horsham School District soccer programs with a third generation players and many members coaching.

Colleen's spirit and enthusiasm for the tournament and the soccer program continues.

Article contributed by Patrick Reilly 6/2003 

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