Travel Team Overview

Travel teams play at a more competitive level against other clubs in the area.
Teams are gender specific and birth year age pure.
Travel Teams require a greater commitment of time, additional travel tournament, additional team fees, and uniform expenses.
The number of travel team spots may be limited by EPYSA guidelines .
All travel players must tryout each year - not all players trying out will be selected.
Players birth year 2005 and younger may petition to play up. Petitions reviewed by the Travel Committee and players will be notified  two weeks prior to tryouts.
Travel teams must have a minimum number of players residing in the Hatboro-Horsham School District
Travel Season runs June 1 through May 31. Travel team schedules are beyond the control of the club.
Team commitment to State Cups, tournaments, indoor play, and spring activities depends on each teams’ coach. Horsham Soccer recommends that teams play in the above activities.  Please note: No refunds offered after 48 hours of accepting a roster spot on a travel team.